PT Pesonna Indonesia Jaya


Established in 2015, we became the business expansion of PT PEGADAIAN (Persero). We struggle to create customer’s satisfaction by improving our service and quality in day-to-day basis. We are continually developing our businesses in  The Gade Coffee and Gold, Travel Management, Property, and Building Management.

  • Travel Management

    To optimize the corporate’s budget control towards measurable annual expense, we also conduct our function as Corporate Travel Management for PT Pegadaian (Persero); Pesonna Travel Management.  Pesonna Travel Management makes the actual reservation within the parameters given by the corporation to arrange transportation and accommodation for business trip, decides on the class of service which employees are allowed to fly, and negotiates corporate fares/rates with airlines and hotels.

  • Property Construction

    Services which done to optimize the strategic assets owned by leasing the building for various purposes (weddings, reunions, meetings, seminars, etc.), building rent, land provision for democratic economy (Pegadaian modern market).

  • Building Management

    We are passionate about maintaining your property and make your assets become more valuable. We commit to take an integrated approach to your development by:

    • Ensuring building compliance and safety
    • Providing cost-effective options for your assets
    • Implementing and upholding the tenant contracts
  • The Gade Coffee & Gold

    Shared Value

    The Gade understands that without reliable sources we cannot craft a good coffee consistently. This lead us to creating shared value: the company wants consumers to benefit from quality coffee, but at the same time also to build better economy for the community and preserve the environment for the future generations. We do this because we know that great coffee is only sustainable if we support and working together hand-in-hand with the producers.


Corporate Values

PESONNA is the acronym of “Pegadaian Selalu Optimalkan Nilai-Nilai Asset“. We are founded by PT. Pegadaian to optimize their assets by providing the best service to the customers and community, thus affecting the channeling of networks, exposure, and corporate income.


As integrated business solution mainly concerns in construction and property management, growing to be a market leader in its class.


As integrated business solution that growing to be a market leader in each business field.

  • Providing the comfortable
  • Ensuring equal distribution of services and infrastructures that provides accessibility and convenience in Pegadaian in its preparation to become a regional player and people’s first choice
  • Assisting the government in improving the welfare of middle to lower class people as well as performing other businesses to optimize the company’s resources