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Pesonna Pekanbaru

Strategically located in the city centre of Pekanbaru, nearby Government Office, Banking Office and ideal for family and business. Just 15 minutes away from Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport. For Culinary experience, you can try the all season durian stalls around the hotel.
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Pesonna Malioboro Yogyakarta

Welcome to Pesonna Hotel Malioboro Yogyakarta ! Located in central Yogyakarta, our 3-star hotel is the ideal base to discover the charm of Yogyakarta cultural life whether you are on a business trip or leisure breaks. Offering lifestyle & halal concept with 71 Superior rooms, 66 Deluxe rooms and 4 Pesonna suites, the hotel is only 5 minutes walking distance to the famous Malioboro street where you can find artshops, restaurants and art-performances, Beringharjo Central Market, 8 minutes to the “Zero Kilometer Area” of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Presidential Palace, Vredeburg Fortress, and Sultan Palace. The hotel is also within easy reach from Tugu Central Train station of 5 minutes or Adi Sutjipto International Airport of 37 minutes by car.
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Pesonna Tugu Yogyakarta

Pesonna Hotel Tugu is within reach from Tugu central station of 6 minutes by car or Adisutipto International Airport of 35 minutes. For the place of interst, you can reach the Tugu Yogya Monument by foot for only 6 minutes where you can find late night food stalls with Yogya's specialities and exceptional street performances along the street.
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Pesonna Ampel Surabaya

Located in the North of Surabaya, only 30 minutes from Juanda International Airport, 10 minutes from Pasar Turi Train Station and 5 minutes away from Tanjung Perak Port. Just a click away from Jembatan Merah Plaza, or you can explore Pasar Atom.
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Pesonna Semarang

Located in the city center of Semarang, known as Depok area or Chinatown, just only 15 minutes from International Airport Ahmad Yani and 10 minutes frow Tawang Railway Station. For the culinary experience, try Semarang signature food stalls around the Hotel, or you can visit Chinatown Night Market, just few steps away from the Hotel.
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Pesonna Tegal

Located in Tegal Central Java, Pesonna Hotel Tegal is the ideal Base to discover the charm of Java Cultural life whether you are on business trip or leisure breaks. Our Theme Lifestyle and Halal Concept are focus to Traditional Local Experience.
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Pesonna Makassar

Located only 30 minutes from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport and 15 minutes from Soekarno Hatta Harbour. If you want to experience the infamous Losari Beach and Masjid Terapung you can reach it just 10 minutes from our hotel, or you can visit a historical building and museum named Fort Rotterdam across the Losari Beach.
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Pesonna Pekalongan

Pesonna Hotel Pekalongan is a 3 star hotel located in the center of Pekalongan City. From Pekalongan city station, you can reach within 10 minutes by taxi. Not far from the hotel, you can find the Pekalongan town square, the Jami'a mosque, and shopping centers such as Hypermart. For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of batik cultural heritage, you can visit the village of batik “kauman”, batik museum, and batik shopping center in Grosir Setono. Pesonna Hotel Pekalongan carries the theme of lifestyle and halal concept which has obtained a Halal certificate from MUI JATENG for its food & beverages.
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Pesonna Gresik

Located in main road of Gresik, which can be reached in 35 minutes by Taxi from Juanda International Airport or if you are a train lovers, you can reach the hotel from Pasar Turi Train Station around 30 minutes by car. For the religious experience, you can visit the famous Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim and Sunan Giri Tomb in 15 minutes away.
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